Coming Home CD

Guided Meditations

Enjoy this blissful recorded journey of 4 guided visualizations for clearing and serenity that bring you back home to yourself.

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Guided Full Body Cleanse & Life Detox

with Anahata
Join Anahata for an intestinal cleanse and life detox tailored to your health & fitness level, guided from the comfort of your own home. Click below for more info.
2 Week Program4 Week Program

The Amethyst Crystal BioMat

As an advanced technology developed by a highly skilled group of scientists, medical professionals and engineers, the Biomat is the only product to combine Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions, and Amethyst crystals for a true mind, body, and spiritual healing experience.
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Shamangelic Healing Gift Certificate

For anyone special in your live, give the perfect gift of Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Awakening empowerment with a gift certificate from Shamangelic Healing.
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