Sedona Vortex Land Journeys


with Anahata Ananda

Anahata is SO excited to announce that in Spring 2022, we are opening a Sanctuary for the Soul in Sedona, Arizona called Shine! While Anahata opens Shine, she will have limited availability for private sessions. If you are coming to Sedona at a time when Anahata is not available, reach out to and we will be happy to provide you with a referral. To be notified when Shine opens its doors or learn more about our upcoming events and offerings, click here!

Curious About Experiencing Sedona’s Vortexes?

Ready to Reconnect to the Healing Energy & Wisdom of Nature?

Interested in A Unique Soulful Journey Among the Red Rocks?


Sedona Vortex & Land Journeys with Anahata

Anahata offers many unique sacred land journeys to support a soulful and memorable Sedona experience. Whether you are curious about Sedona’s Vortexes, interested in a Shamanic Medicine Wheel Ceremony, drawn to a Shamanic Wisdom Walk or called to a Deep Soulful Journey among the Sedona Red Rocks…


Let’s get out on the land and allow the powerful healing energy of Sedona’s famous vortexes and extraordinary beauty support your Soulful Sedona experience. There are many types of Land Journeys to choose from. Land Journeys range from 2 – 6 hours depending on your intentions, budget, fitness level +and number of participants. Review the options to see which fits your preferences.

Vortex Medicine Wheel Journey

Allow the sacred beauty and energy of Sedona’s most spiritual vortexes to help potentiate your healing and awakening. Set your intentions and anchor your prayers into the Earth. You will explore the ancient wisdom of the 4 Elements of water, air, earth and fire and 4 directions during a Sacred Medicine wheel ceremony of personal healing and intention. Receive healing vortex energies, and deepen your connection to nature while enjoying exceptional views.

Sedona Vortex Land Journey

Let’s tailor an experience together selecting from the best of Sedona’s vortexes, views, caves, labyrinths, cliff dwellings, nature hikes or water elements. Based on your intention, timing and fitness level, we will create a unique Sedona experience. Enjoy Sedona’s breathtaking views, hidden treasures and healing energy while deepening your connection to yourself.

Shamanic Wisdom Walk

Walk with me on the land, in harmony with all things as our wise ancestors once did. Listen with reverent awareness to the nature wisdom teachers, animal spirit guides and the 4 elements. Re-establish your connection to the circle of life than holds us all. Entrain your heartbeat to the rhythm of Mother Earth again. Set your intentions and anchor your prayers into the Earth with sacred ceremonies.
“My land journey with Anahata helped me to deeply connect my Spirit to the heartbeat and wisdom of Mother Earth. Anahata’s sage wisdom and glowing presence holds a space for soulful expansion, personal healing and Spirit embodiment.”
Amber Brovelli

“I just had an extraordinary experience with Anahata in Sedona. It was a soulful journey of healing, awakening and transformation. Through her Shamanic Nature Wisdom Walks and private healing sessions I feel so rejuvenated and optimistic about my future. I highly recommend this unbelievable miraculous experience with Anahata to anyone.”
Wataru Hokoyama

“Working with Anahata has been life changing. In just one session I was able to make a change I had been unclear about for years. She quickly took me to the depths of my soul where I could connect to my own guidance and access the strength to live it. She is a healer of healers with great integrity and depth.”
Beth Leone

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CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Due to the high demand for appointment bookings, there are no refunds, transfers or credits offered for partial attendance or no shows. This is a firm policy. Payments are non-refundable.