About Living Libations

Living Libations is a luxurious line of organic and pure renegade beauty products!

Living Libations’ botanicals are authentic, pure & distilled only from the named plant matter. We call our essential oils Hi-Fi oils due to the distillers’ faithful and accurate adherence to the master plant. All of our Hi-Fi oils are distilled from either wild crafted or organically grown plants. Our wild crafted plant matter is collected from the plants’ natural habitat in lieu of a farm. We avoid offering botanicals from rare or threatened species of plants growing in the wild to discourage their disruption and disappearance. Our organic oils originate from plants cultivated without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides.

Organic & Wildcrafted. Beyond Fair Trade. Synthetic Free. Reef Safe. Food Grade. Animal Friendly. Gluten Free. Raw. GMO Free.

Various Benefits & Uses:

Deep Relaxation
Pain Management
Spiritual Connection
Emotional Healing
Energy Enhancement
Cleansing & Detoxification
Immune Support

Bring Living Libations

Into Your Life! 

My favorite, most utilized products are: Seabuckthorn oil, Venus Perfume for women and men, Yoni Serum, radiant love butters, Petal Passion