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Are You Are Ready To Shift, Heal, Release, Realign, Expand, and Awaken?

tailored corE Healing SESSIONS

Heal Core Wounds & Expand Your Consciousness in Sedona’s Sacred Energy. Can Be Tailored for Couples or Groups.

virtual group coaching

Certified High-Performance Coaching Provides World-Class Success Strategies, Accountability and Inspiration to Manifest a Thriving, Impactful Life.


Tailored Sedona Retreats Address Your Most Pressing Issues While Providing Deep Core Healing and Profound Soul Awakening.

online learning

Learn Tools to Live an Empowered Life from the Comfort of Your Own Home and at Your Own Pace. Includes Videos and Downloadable Handouts.

ceremonies, weddings & special occasions

Sacred Ceremonies, Birth Blessings, Ceremonial Unions & More. Sedona’s Stunning Red Rocks are the Perfect Backdrop for Your Special Event. 

Virtual & in-person OFFERINGS

Inspiring Workshops, Events, Retreats & Courses, Both Virtually & Among Sedona’s Breathtaking Red Rock Views & Vortexes.

Join the Shamangelic Healing family and receive the deep nourishment your soul craves along with the tools and inspiration to create the thriving life you love!

Dive deep into inner exploration and soul expansion with Sedona’s Premier Shamanic Healer and Soul Guide Anahata Ananda. Whether you are seeking core healing, spiritual awakening or soul guidance,  Anahata offers high-performance coaching, inspiring group retreats, tailored healing sessions, private retreats and online education to support your personal needs and intentions.

If you would like assistance in deciding which session might best meet your needs, please fill out this form below with your current life issues, intentions and timing so we can create your perfect Shamangelic experience together.

“I came to clarify my vision and purpose and to clear any hindrance or resistance to stepping into my full potential. These have both been achieved and now I understand an even greater expansion of who I am. My personal energy and power has heightened and strengthened 100-fold. I feel very prepared, anchored and empowered for the next steps of this fabulous journey.”

Ayanna Mojica

The intention and clear communication of presence and accountability are unparallel. Anahata is an amazing human with great gifts! She is an amazing teacher! I highly recommend Anahata!

Chad Redlightofdawn

My land journey with Anahata helped me to deeply connect my Spirit to the heartbeat and wisdom of Mother Earth. Anahata’s sage wisdom and glowing presence holds a space for soulful expansion, personal healing and Spirit embodiment!

Amber Brovelli

“Anahata’s Shamangelic Healing work is exactly that. She guided me on a journey that uncovered emotions and thought patterns enabling a transformation to occur. Her work is truly compassionate with a dedicated focus. I felt refreshingly empowered in new ways after my session.”

Jay Palmer

Anahata’s knowledge and presentation is impeccable but most of all her heart and love for the healing arts is bar none. She is a pillar of light, a true teacher and healer.”

Christie Woods

Working with Anahata has been life changing. In just one session I was able to make a change I had been unclear about for years. She quickly took me to the depths of my soul where I could connect to my own guidance and access the strength to live it. She is a healer of healers with great integrity and depth.

Beth Leone

Anahata is a lighthouse guide who has assisted me lovingly and compassionately through the emotional bumps in life’s journey. She brings a deep sense of clarity and wisdom to the process of self-realization. The lessons learned are planted deep in my soul and continue to germinate and share their internal wisdom. I am forever grateful for Anahata’s devotion to her path of assisting people with cultivating their inner light.”

Alyse DeMaria

“I have been awakened at every level of my being–mind, body and spirit. Thank you for the biggest transformation of my life. I journey forward in love, light, joy, peace and abundance.”

Rebecca Stuchen

Anahata was able to help me open my eyes to patterns in my life that are no longer serving me so I can expand and grow to my highest potential.

Natalie Yamanata

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