Anahata is SO excited to announce as of Summer 2022, she has opened a Sanctuary for the Soul in Sedona, Arizona called Shine! With the opening of Shine, Anahata is still  offering her Shamangelic Healing Sessions and training courses. To learn more about the upcoming events and offerings, click the button below! You can also follow Shine's journey on Instagram and Facebook


Sedona’s Center for Personal Empowerment,

Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Awakening

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Are you ready to shift, heal, release, realign, expand and awaken to the life you’ve been waiting for? This is a safe space for you to let go of limitations and live courageously!

Join Anahata for a soulful, transformational journey that will empower you in all aspects of your life!

You desire connection, purpose, and freedom from the shame and struggles you’ve felt and experienced, but you haven’t found a way out. Perhaps you’re walking through a major life transition – a career change, relationship wounds, health crises, a recent loss, depression. Maybe you’re hungry for inner growth & expansion, but there are wounds that keep you stuck in unhelpful patterns. We believe in the power of heart-centered exploration of self and spiritual activation for the changes we truly want to see within. You will be seen, heard, and respected as you reclaim your power, build tools for healthier relationships, and receive support in manifesting your dreams & goals. Together, we can break the repeated patterns that keep you from awakening to your most radiant, empowered self and find your soul purpose. Your soul is speaking to you, and the time to heal is now.


Join us for a Signature Shamangelic Healing Journey, Shamangelic Breathwork Ceremony, or a tailored private or group retreat right here in the heart of Arizona!

Shamangelic Healing Journey

Shamangelic Breathwork Ceremony

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Whether you’re looking for online courses or virtual guidance of any kind, you will receive the same powerful, heart-centered healing experience regardless of where you are located in the world!

Virtual Shamangelic Breathwork

Shamangelic Healing Online Courses


We offer Tailored 1:1 or Group Retreats dedicated to awakening and cultivating together, addressing your most pressing issues, while providing deep core healing and profound soul awakening with like-minded souls!

Tailored Private or Group Retreat Inquiries

Check the calendar for the next Women’s Goddess Empowerment Retreat

Just how life-changing could this be for you? Take it from these men & women who chose transformation with Shamangelic Healing

“I came to clarify my vision and purpose and to clear any hindrance or resistance to stepping into my full potential. These have both been achieved and now I understand an even greater expansion of who I am. My personal energy and power has heightened and strengthened 100-fold. I feel very prepared, anchored and empowered for the next steps of this fabulous journey.”

Ayanna Mojica

“Anahata’s Shamangelic Healing work is exactly that. She guided me on a journey that uncovered emotions and thought patterns enabling a transformation to occur. Her work is truly compassionate with a dedicated focus. I felt refreshingly empowered in new ways after my session.”

Jay Palmer

Anahata is a lighthouse guide who has assisted me lovingly and compassionately through the emotional bumps in life’s journey. She brings a deep sense of clarity and wisdom to the process of self-realization. The lessons learned are planted deep in my soul and continue to germinate and share their internal wisdom. I am forever grateful for Anahata’s devotion to her path of assisting people with cultivating their inner light.”

Alyse DeMaria