Awakening The Sacred Feminine


with Anahata Ananda

Walk with Anahata Ananda through a journey of womb healing, conscious sexuality and remembering who you are.

Feeling trapped by who the world says you should be as a woman? 

Disconnected from your inner self and your voice, the parts of you that make you unstoppable? 

Wondering who you might be had you not felt the pressure to shrink yourself down?

You’re not alone, friend.

If you’re looking for a way to reclaim your power, heal from the inside out, and awaken your authentic beauty within, the Awakening the Sacred Feminine Series is for you. Join Anahata and connect with other women traveling this same healing journey for a 4-week small group coaching series via Zoom on a journey. Each week, we focus on a different topic that will guide you to “uncovering the rose in the garden that was always there.” Your inner beauty, your voice, and your purpose.

We want you to find clarity and feel empowered to pursue that uncovering.

Are you ready to Awaken?

And Then She Remembered Who She Was…

Before society told her who to be

Before magazines and media showed her how to dress

Before her voice & emotions were silenced

Before she was taught how to see her body as imperfect

Before peer pressure imposed its will

Before her intuition was replaced with people pleasing

Before the oppression, desecration & aggression

BEFORE all of this, She Knew Who She Was… 

A Bold, Beautiful Expression of Divine Beauty & Perfection

How does this virtual series work?

  1. All calls will be held at the same time, on the same day each week, for 4 weeks total.
  2. Each call is 2.5 hours and will be recorded so those who can’t make it live can watch or listen to the replay.
  3. Please plan to be in a sacred space, on time, prepared with a journal & pen. We ask that you stay committed to this series and present for the full 4 weeks.
  4. Due to limited space, there are no refunds for no-shows or partial attendance.

Weekly Topic Breakdown

Week 1: Childhood Influences Around Sexuality & Puberty

Week 2: Sexuality: Influences & Experiences

Week 3: Healing The Womb & Sacred Intimacy

Week 4: Sacred Feminine Embodiment

Other Topics We’ll Be Exploring

Transmuting Sexual Trauma & Shame

Restoration of Sacredness of the Womb

Reinstituting Rites Of Passages

Recapitulation from Conception to Present

Clearing & Releasing Past Lovers

Re-establishing Self-Respect

Womb Care

Communication Clear Agreements

Maintaining Boundaries

Exploring Sacred Intimacy

Conscious Sexual Practices

Finding Your Version of the Embodied Feminine

What Sisters Are Saying About This Transformational Program

It’s a juicy 4 week program, that I’d recommend to any sister who’s ready to uncover and reconnect with their truth and heal old wounds, and ultimately come home to the sacred feminine. Anahata’s approach to healing is filled with compassion and deep deep wisdom. I now feel even more empowered to move forward with grace and kindness on my journey since completing the program, and am looking forward to the next time our paths cross.
Bri A.

I enjoyed the safe, welcoming space; the way we processed our own stuff as it came up, but shared the wisdom gained- the ‘pearls’. I really enjoyed the reframing of weeds and seeds, and the guidance provided in rephrasing as we struggled to change those habits. I feel so wonderful having completed this series, and it gave me refreshed perspective, hope, and skills to bring me forward in my feminine growth and self-love.
Indya G.

Anahata takes you on a deep, compassionate womb healing journey to discover who you are before the world told you who to be. This course held so much magic! I loved the guided meditations, interaction and sharing with the other women, the pace and how the course was divided up, the final project, but most of all I loved the safe and loving environment that Anahata provided! Taking away such a sense of power, pride and a new found love in myself and my womanhood!
Sarah H.

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CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: If we have to cancel the retreat due to restrictions into Arizona, we will reschedule the event or provide credit that can be used toward other Shamangelic Healing programs, courses, events or online services. Due to the high demand for reservations and costs associated with facilities and materials, there are no refunds, transfers or credits offered for partial attendance or no shows. This is a firm policy. Payments are non-refundable.