Go After the Nectar in Life ~ Hummingbird Wisdom
By Anahata Ananda
The agile and joyful hummingbird demonstrates the wisdom of going after the nectar in life!  This wise teacher conveys how important it is to stay light, adaptable and focused on finding and receiving the sweetness in life without inhibitions or limitations of any kind.  The only bird that can hover, fly forwards, backwards, sideways, up and down, the hummingbird displays unique aerial acrobatics between nectar collection activities while ecstatically singing and chirping along the way.  Fiercely independent and extremely playful, this bird exudes the benefits of complete freedom.  Their wings have the ability to move in a figure 8 pattern, symbolizing infinite possibilities and potential. Ted Andrews author of Animal-Speak shares this about the hummingbird animal totem, “The hummingbird can help you find the joy and sweetness in any situation. Its swiftness is always a reminder to grab the joy while you can-as quickly as you can.”
Like the humming bird, why not throw yourself head and body passionately into the flowers of your joy?  Without limits, guilt or shame seek out and consume the real authentic sweetness that feeds your soul.  I am not talking about white sugar and the many artificial, man-made, distorted versions and distractions available to us through commercial products and entertainment.  I mean the “Amrita” which is a Sanskrit term for “The Divine Drink of the Gods & Goddesses.”  What really and truly nourishes your soul? Music? Teaching? Dancing? Singing? Ocean? Mountains? Gardening? Hiking? Creating?
What is the “Amrita” Divine Nectar that feeds your soul?
Find it. Fly to it. Dive into it. Enjoy it. Share your joy about it. Repeat the process.

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