Shamangelic Breathwork

Provides Deep Core Healing, Cathartic Release and Profound Soul Awakening

with Anahata Ananda

Schedule a Private or Group Shamangelic Breathwork Ceremony in Sedona

You will emerge from Shamangelic Breathwork feeling lighter, brighter and clearer than ever before!

This is Anahata’s most powerful session for deep emotional release, clearing and spiritual awakening. Deep Shamanic breathing has been found to facilitate profound emotional releases, open new channels of awareness and clear toxicity in the body. This sacred journey incorporates guided visualization, deep breathing techniques, vibrational sound, soulful music, energy healing, Shamanic tools, crystal therapy and light body expansion techniques to facilitate a personal Sacred Journey into the depths of your own soul and BEYOND! Virtual Shamangelic Breathwork Ceremonies are adjusted in order to facilitate the ceremony online.

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Virtual Ceremonies via Zoom

Wednesday, August 25 at 4pm PST

Create a cozy, private comfortable space, laying down. Set aside at least 2 hours for the introduction, ceremony and sharing/integration circle. Wear comfortable, non-binding clothing and refrain from eating a large meal before the ceremony. Have a journal and pen nearby for post-ceremony journaling. For amplified sound, you may prefer to hook your computer or phone up to external speakers or use headphones. Event access closes 10 minutes after start time. This ceremony is not advised for women that are pregnant, people with heart conditions or other ailments that may be exacerbated by physical & emotional excursion. 

Group Ceremonies in Sedona, AZ

Next Ceremony TBA

The ceremonies below will be held in-person in Sedona, AZ. Upon confirmation, you will receive an email directly from Calendly with everything you will need for the ceremony.

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Just how powerful is my Shamangelic Breathwork Ceremony? My clients can tell you best…

“Anahata is a powerful healer and has an exquisite way of working. I had the honor of receiving a Shamangelic Healing session and every insight and shift was spot on. Amazing! I feel so much has shifted and healed. I see things from a new perspective, and have stepped into a deeper sense of self and being.”
Sharon Shapiro

“Anahata’s work helped me to reconnect with myself. It provided the tools to clear away the emotional baggage that I’ve been carrying around and the debris that has been clouding my ability to experience joy, laughter and love. The experience has enabled me to bring back into my life a renewed perspective and strength to deal with life’s challenges.”
Gail Mor

“Anahata’s Shamanic gifts have helped me to better understand human nature and to respond with love and compassion to life’s challenges. Thank you for helping me on my journey.”
Ignacio Gavaldon

“Working with Anahata has been life changing. In just one session I was able to make a change I had been unclear about for years. She quickly took me to the depths of my soul where I could connect to my own guidance and access the strength to live it. She is a healer of healers with great integrity and depth.”
Beth Leone

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CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Due to the high demand for appointment bookings, there are no refunds, transfers or credits offered for partial attendance or no shows. This is a firm policy. Payments are non-refundable.