Staying Calm Within
Insights for Remaining in Your Center in the Midst of Chaos
More than ever it seems there is chaos happening all around us and at times within us. Whether it is in the global economy, a loved one suffering, unexpected health changes, a shift in personal relationships or environmental disasters, there is intense energy moving all around.  Your energy can either add to the chaos or act as a stabilizing force.  Your ability to stay centered is vital to your own survival and happiness.  From this centered space you are more capable of providing assistance to others as well. No real sustainable peace or happiness can come from decisions made from a chaotic space.  It is within your calm center, where you connect to the still point of consciousness and the Divine, that true answers, unwavering support and crystal clarity are found.
Take note of what situations or people create ripples or tsunamis within your consciousness.  Is it time pressure, economic uncertainty, the emotional dramas of others, the news reports, tense interactions with loved ones, worry about the future, global unrest or unconscious behavior? What triggers you?  What or who is most likely to pull you off center? A wise soul chooses to uncover their blind spots and bring them into the light.  These are the opportunities that accelerate one’s consciousness, awareness, soulful stability and Divine Connection.  Do not try to avoid these situations.  Be willing to explore your attachment, judgment or discomfort with the situation then follow these suggestions to help bring you back to center.
  • PAUSE-Wait to reconnect to your center and the Divine before reacting unconsciously
  • BREATHE-Use your breath and stillness to quiet the waves and come to calmness within
  • RELEASE-Surrender emotional energy, limited beliefs, blame, denial, judgment and contacted thinking
  • LISTEN-Open to what Spirit is trying to show you
  • CONNECT-Merge with Divine, allowing oneness, clarity and peace to shed light on the situation
  • REDIRECT-Shift your awareness & consciousness to what is real and true beyond the illusion
  • ACT-Take the most aligned action to bring yourself into harmony with the situation (step back, move in a new direction, clear density, release undesirable arrangements, plant new seeds…)
From this aligned place in your soulful center, you will view your journey and that of others, with more clarity and compassion while experiencing more joy. The more you practice anchoring this calm within, the more you will enhance your ability to STAY in your center regardless of what happening around you.  From this centered, clear space you will be a guiding light of peaceful presence to help stabilize others as well.  It is these times of massive change and intensity that beckon our greatness to immerge.

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