Clear, Heal, Balance & Activate the Chakras

by Anahata Ananda

One of the fundamental healing modalities of my practice is to clear, activate, and balance the Chakras for anyone that is experiencing imbalances or discontent in their life.  My intention is to empower you with the awareness of this system for maintaining balance in all aspects of your life. I truly know the profound power of self-awareness and healing that can be attained when a person’s Chakra system is awakened and activated.  The more you learn about these powerful energy centers within your body, you will quickly be able to bring harmony back to all aspects of your life. Each Chakra Energy center in the body holds keys to specific physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual issues. When one or more chakras centers are out of balance or blocked, then challenges, disease, dramas, depletion, confusion and disconnection are experienced.

The Chakra System is an incredible diagnostic tool and it is my passion to share with you the knowledge I have through my studies and practice of Balancing the Rainbow Light Body.  For some basic background, below is a very condensed synopsis of the seven main Chakras:

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The Sanskrit word “chakra” means “wheel” or “disk”.  It has been described by many as a spinning wheel of light. The first references to the chakra energy systems in the body were found in the Vedas in India, the ancient texts of Hindu wisdom teachings, dating back thousands of years. Of the many chakras within the human body, seven have been identified as major and are often associated with rainbows, sound, vibration and color.


There are many techniques for clearing and aligning the chakras within the body.  Energy healing tools, vibrational sound instruments, crystal/color therapies and guided visualizations are among the most common. Eventually, it is ideal for each person to learn to identify blockages and imbalances in their own chakra systems are apply appropriate realignment practices to harmonize their own “Rainbow Light Body”. The first step is awareness of habits and choices that are contributing to imbalance. The second step involves consistent practice to build new habits and conscious choices that support balanced chakras and therefore a thriving life.


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1st  – The Root Chakra | Foundation & Security
Color:  Red
Element: Earth
Associations in the body: Perineum, seat, feet, ankles, knees, hips, anus, coccyx
Issues: Stability, security, safety, groundedness, survival, finances, family, community, physical health, life force issues, foundation, employment


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2nd -The Sacral Chakra | Creativity, Emotions & Sexual Health
Color:  Orange
Element: Water
Associations in the body: below navel, belly, intestines, sexual organs, womb of creation, low back, sacrum, bladder
Issues: Creative expression, emotions, desire, sexuality, inner child, fertility, relationships, childbirth, playfulness, birthing one’s gifts and talents (for both sexes)


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3rd -The Solar Plexus Chakra | Personal Power, Confidence & Individuality
Color:  Yellow
Element: Fire
Associations in the body: Solar Plexus, kidneys, adrenals, stomach, diaphragm
Issues: Personal power, confidence, radiance, personal will, certainty, individuality, sense of identity & self, moral ethics, integrity, personal truth, ego, empowerment, ambition


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4th -The Heart Chakra | Unconditional Love & Compassion
Color: Green
Element: Air
Associations in the body: Heart, thymus gland, lungs, immune system, circulation
Issues: Giving & receiving unconditional Love for self and others, healing, forgiveness, compassion


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5th – The Throat Chakra | Self Expression & Clear Communication
Color:  Blue
Element: Air or Ether
Associations in the body: Throat, thyroid gland, lower neck, vocal chords, jaw
Issues: Self-expression, speaking one’s truth without attachment, clear conscious communication, tone and intent of voice


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6th – The Third Eye Chakra | Conscious Perspective & Intuition
Color:  Purple
Element: Ether or Light
Associations in the body: Between the eyebrows, third eye, eyes, pituitary gland, sinuses, lower brain
Issues:  Seeing the higher purpose or perspective, Universal Truth, intuition, awareness, higher knowing, higher vision


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7th -The Crown Chakra | Enlightenment, Divinity & Spiritual Connection
Color:  White-all colors unifying
Element: Ether or Space
Associations in the body: Top of the head, crown, pineal gland, skull, nervous system, upper brain
Issues: Enlightenment, connection to Spirit, divinity, universal wisdom, oneness, unity, inner peace, clarity



As mentioned earlier in the post, this information only scratches the surface of the fascinating teachings from the Chakra system. I believe that the more you understand the principals of the Chakras, the more you will be able to self-diagnose imbalances and the necessary action for realignment on your own. The Chakra concepts are very accessible and easy to understand which is why, I believe, it is a practice that resonates with many people. There is a lush, dimensional elegance to the system since all five senses can be actively involved when working on Chakra balancing.


if you would like to dive deeper into these concepts, you will enjoy Anahata’s comprehensive online Chakra course comprised of 30 videos, plus a course handout and a chakra balancing guided visualization. You will learn an overview of the Chakra System along with specific tools, practices and techniques to Clear, Activate and Balance each Chakra Center. This intimate understanding of the Chakras will empower you to diagnose imbalances in yourself and others while providing the tools and insights to bring imbalances, blocks and densities back into a peaceful harmony.  To Lean more click HERE or the banner Below

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