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Better orgasms, weight loss & enlightenment! This episode is packed with valuable insights from Adam DaVirro and Anahata Ananda as they discuss how the balance and imbalance of the Yin and Yang energies within our bodies profoundly affect health, mood, weight, energy, sexuality, digestion and consciousness. They also discuss:

  • An explanation of what is Yin and Yang and how imbalances can create disease in the body
  • Weight gain is too much YIN – remedies for weight loss
  • The Chinese Elements in Nature: Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal and Water
  • Gender tendencies, social programming, expectations that impact personal Yin Yang balance
  • Creation, fire, ambition and how to channel that energy without burnout
  • The impact of being disconnected from the soft, feeling, feminine Yin nature of ourselves
  • How the feminine Yin is rising on the planet as we learn to heal ourselves and honor the environment
  • The challenges of men to stop and feel when they are programmed for movement & survival
  • How traditional Chinese medicine identifies our “Heavenly Mandate” that path of each individual soul to move through the challenges and rise above to serve a higher calling for humanity and planet
  • The power of Earth connection, digestion, insight, stillness & grounding
  • The yin receptive aspect allows the access to divine guidance and insight
  • How to balance by Yin Yang by placing the palms stacked on top of each other(representing heart and mind) over the Dan Tien point (4 finger widths beneath the belly button)
  • How to cultivate more chi and have better organisms with Sexual Tantra and microcosmic orbit of circulating chi with your sexual partner
  • How to bring balance to intimacy instead trying to take energy from your lover or take on their energy imbalance
  • How Yin Yang balance creates heightened sense of awareness, intuition, inner knowing, grace, calm clarity, joy, surrender & peace – allowing natural synchronicities and soul’s mission to rise
  • How resisting natural cycles, changes and messages creates pain and chaos in the physical body, emotional body and in our relationships
  • How acupuncture helps to release stagnation of chi in the body
  • That the answers lie within if we are willing to go within and feel the inner wisdom
  • Embracing the transformational meltdown which allows the phoenix to rise from the ashes and emerge stronger
  • The power of trust, allowing and surrender when embracing life’s challenges
  • The force of personal will when aligned with divine plan and honoring the divine timing of our own personal path – like the lotus flowering open at just the right time


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Adam DaVirro is a Licensed Acupuncturist who has lived and maintained a private practice in Sedona, Arizona, for the last 10 years. He is dedicated to the transformation and integration of the human body, mind and spirit.



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