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Everyone can benefit from these 10 foundational courses that outline fundamentals of living an empowered vibrant conscious life. During this weekend intensive, we explore tools and practices for healthy relationships, chakra balancing, spiritual connection, clear boundaries, working with guides, vibrant health, balancing divine feminine & divine masculine, meditation practices and so much more. Each interactive course provides a handout with specific action steps and exercises to help participants integrate the concepts. Sedona is the perfect setting to explore this content. Sedona Shaman, Soul Guide and Energy Healer, Anahata Ananda is the perfect guide for this journey.

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Essentials for Empowerment & Awakening Courses:

Deep Exploration Intro the Chakras – 3 1/2 hours

Discover the wisdom of this ancient map of the 7 main energy centers of the body. Explore in detail the themes, issues and parts of the body associated with each energy center. Learn the signals for when each chakra may be blocked or out of balance. Understand practices and tools to bring each chakra back into alignment and optimal integration.

Tools for Conscious Relating & Healthy Relationships – 2 1/2 hours

Everyone can benefit from this course as we are all in numerous and complex relationships with loved ones, family, co-workers, friends, clients and community. It is vital to learn principles and practices for conscious relating based on unconditional love, respect, accountability, sovereignty, clear agreements, compassion and expansion. Explore the unconscious patterns that create conflict and learn how to communicate with a new level of awareness and effectiveness.

Practices for Enhancing Divine Connection – 2 hours

Meditation is the doorway to consciousness, inner peace, truth, longevity and connection to Spirit. Learn many proven techniques for enhancing your meditation practice and your ability to clear your mind. Discover how to utilize meditation for deep relaxation, connection to Spirit, energy channeling and to set intentions. In order for pure light energy to move through you unobstructed, meditation is a necessary practice for clearing and centering.

Spiritual Nutrition for Enhanced Consciousness – 2.5 hours

A mineralized body enhances one’s ability to access higher states of consciousness. Explore what foods, substances and lifestyle habits support one’s ability to channel and conduct higher frequencies of energy. In order to support your Spiritual journey and emotional balance, be sure your physical body has the appropriate nutrition and support it needs to sustain clear channels of awareness and optimal energy for joy, serviceand passion in your life.

Integrating Divine Feminine & Masculine – 2 hours

Our fullest potential is found in the weaving and balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within ourselves. Both men and women carry feminine and masculine wisdom and tools. However, sometimes one or both of these energies is out of balance, silenced, wounded, misunderstood or disrespected. Learn to identify, embrace and integrate the qualities of each to allow a more balanced Divine Sacred Union within.

Boundaries-Keeping Your Energy Clear – 2 hours

Do you feel HEAVY and DEPLETED after certain interactions with loved ones, family, clients, friends, co-workers or strangers? Learn practices to keep your energy clear while in the presence of density, chaos and intense emotion. Gain deeper understanding of sovereignty and how to respect the journey of others while anchoring a grounded stance of open-hearted compassion.

Accessing & Utilizing Divine Channels & Guides – 2 hours

Guides, Guardians, Angels, Ancestors & Ascended Masters are around us all the time seeking to lend support and guidance. Explore the many ways in which to commune with the Divine in its myriad of forms. Learn different practices and techniques to invoke and communicate with Divine Guides and wisdom including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

Clearing & Anchoring a Sacred Space – 2 hours

Everyone can utilize these practices for the home, workplace or public place. First, practice anchoring and clearing oneself and invoking Divine Light. Then, learn various techniques to clear density and anchor protective fields in a physical space.

Creating Sacred Altars & Healing Spaces – 2 hours

Altars centralize the energy in a room. Utilizing high frequency objects and images, the energy in room can be shifted and expanded. Explore the various functions of sacred altars and different approaches for designing them. Practice creating altars with a variety of sacred objects and décor.

Understanding Light & Dark Energies – 2 hours

In order to work with energy it is vital to anchor a deep awareness of this spectrum and how to utilize it. Explore the range of Light and Dark Energies and the way they express themselves. Learn howto dance within shadow while anchoring Light and understand how these 2 “opposites” create a balance of synergy and union.

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