Anahata’s Signature Tailored Mini Retreat


This is Anahata’s signature tailored Sedona retreat experience. This option is perfect if you are going through some big life changes or seeking some intensive support tailored to the address the issues most pressing for you at this time. This may include a focus on emotional wounds, spiritual awakening, various relationship concerns, life purpose guidance, physical health issues, grief, addiction challenges, past traumas, tailored training/courses or other relevant concerns. Anahata’s caring presence, healing modalities and sage wisdom will empower you with new perspectives while providing tools to enhance your life going forward.

We customize the duration of your retreat and type of sessions depending on what would best support you. The mini retreat begins with a Shamangelic Healing Journey and then 1 to 3 other sessions are selected which may include a sacred land journey, core healing sessions, conscious relationship tools, spiritual awakening practices, vibrant health support and many more to choose from.

If you haven’t yet shared with us your current life issues, intentions & timing please fill out the Inquiry Form so we can weave your perfect Sedona Shamangelic retreat experience.

If you are ready to reserve your Tailored Mini Shamangelic Retreat, select the number of hours below, continue with payment process and we will coordinate with you the booking of your chosen sessions and times.