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Explore how Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction and Emotional Intensity can amplify Manifestation and Abundance in your life. In this episode with Bestselling author and transformational coach Suzanne Adams we explore: 

  • Since everything is energy including our thoughts and emotions vibrating like an antenna out into the world, bring awareness to those frequencies you are emitting
  • Law of Attraction principles apply – the quality and intensity of vibrations attract or repel that which you desire
  • The value of stretching limiting beliefs and habits
  • What blocks manifestation and prosperity
  • How this process can attract health, wealth, love, success +++
  • Traps of living an empty inauthentic life and being drawn to numb and sedate the feeling
  • How important it is to give yourself permission to DREAM BIG
  • The necessity of getting still to calm and listen to your soul’s calling
  • Facing fears and embracing discomfort as you reach into authentic inspired living
  • Who are you surrounding yourself with? Checking that the community you choose supports your vibration rising. Select wisely your circle of influence and give yourself permission to grow out of unhealthy relationships or toxic environments

5 Quantum Tools to Manifestation:

  1. Be Aware of Your Vibes – bring awareness to the frequency (positive or negative) of the vibes you are emitting
  2. Intend to Vibe at LOVE or Above – Dial it Up!
  3. Identify what lights you up – Shift to activities that you are passionate about
  4. Surround Yourself with People and Environments that Elevate You – Choose wisely your circle of influence
  5. Activate NonNegotiable Commitment – make a strong clear decision that this WILL happen with clear powerful confident energy

 “If you are not growing, you are dying” – Tony Robins


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Suzanne Adams

Suzanne Adams is a bestselling author and transformational coach & Ted Ex talk. Suzanne is the co-founder and CEO of Ignite and Expand, helping heart-centered entrepreneurs create and scale soulful businesses.



Social Media: IG @suzanneadamsinc

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