On a visit to Sedona @thebriebella & @bryanldanielson from @totalbellas reached out for some Shamangelic Healing & guidance on working through some of their marital challenges. All couples have their ups and downs and sometimes find themselves feeling distant or disconnected from the love they once shared. Business travel & demanding careers can just amplify the distance between two people. Sometimes couples just need to step back and visit the tender issues and feelings that contributed to hurt or misunderstanding. This is how the healing occurs and the bridge to love and trust is rebuilt.

You can watch their visit to the sacred beauty and healing vortexes of Sedona & a part of our healing journey on E! Entertainment TV. It was such an honor to support these two beautiful souls in re-creating that bridge between their hearts. 💞

Happy to report that as their love has rekindled, they are expecting their second child very soon.
It’s not always easy to look within to address the wounds and express the feelings but it is such a vital part of the journey to self acceptance and healthy relationships. I love 💗 when love prevails.

Thank you so Brie and Bryan for their vulnerable courage and allowing me the honor of supporting them through this tender process. I also want to express my gratitude to the entire Total Bellas crew who were all such kind warm beautiful souls and total pros.

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