Falling in Love vs. Flying in Love
Perhaps FALLing in LOVE is one experience 
and FLYing in LOVE is another.
Falling in love represents a complete surrender of self to the relationship and a dependence  upon it for one’s own happiness. An insatiable thirst to be swept up, rescued, nurtured, loved and supported develops.  The expectation builds for the perfect partner to make the fragmented self feel more whole. One begins to reach for the other, projecting into the future and wanting more. An onslot of ravenous desire and deep longing to be together begins to unfold while angst and awkwardness are experienced upon separation. Inevitably the obligations to meet the needs and expectations of the partner, supersedes one’s responsibility to self, Spirit and personal growth. Sorrow and emptiness are felt deeply when the other disappoints, disapproves, disconnects or disappears. The relationship now becomes a source for unhappiness instead of happiness. This is often how and when relationships end. Is this the version of love you are signing up for?  This is the old paradigm of codependent relationships.  Hold on—there is hope on the horizon.


Flying in love feels like inner bliss shared in an independent yet cocreative supportive upward swirling spiral of ecstasy. In this scenario, each individual is responsible for the manifestation of their one own dreams, personal growth, vibrant health, abundance and individual happiness.  There is a mutual exchange of unconditional encouragement for each other’s dreams and talents. They are each devoted to manifesting their own inner journey of ascension while dedicated to supporting the journey of their partner to do the same.  This version of healthy conscious relationship births sovereign individuals that are whole and in love with self, the beauty of life and each other. Unconditional loves calls each to see, feel and honor themselves and their partner exactly where they are. They may not always agree or view the world through the same lens; however there is a mutual respect for each other’s perspective and feelings. There is a faithful surrender to enjoy the gift of the present while releasing any expectation or projection of how the dance between the two unfolds.   This reflects the new paradigm of healthy evolved love relationships. Are you up for this?

How do I begin to attract a sacred union that is Flying in LOVE?  The first step is to take 100% accountability for your life in all ways.  If you are unhappy it is NOT because your twin flame is absent.  It is because you are making decisions that are not in alignment with your highest truth and integrity.
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