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Kyle Kingsbury, Human Optimization Director from Onnit Labs shares his TOP 10 Biohacking Tips for Optimal Health and Fitness. These simple tips are not only affordable but accessible to all ages and fitness levels. We discuss successful strategies to improve health, energy, sleep, longevity, emotional state, consciousness, mental focus, stamina and weight loss.  We explore what Biohacking is and how technologies are aiding optimal health.

 Kyle’s TOP 10:

  1. SLEEP & DEEP REST – darkness, room temperature, sleep aid tracking, minimizing blue light exposure
  2. BREATHING TECHNIQUES – breathing strategies to calm the mind, access the parasympathetic nervous system, clear thoughts, deepen sleep, release heavy emotions, balance the brain and activate altered states of consciousness
  3. SUNBATHING & SUNGAZING – for increasing immune system, harmonizing circadian rhythms, enhanced mitochondria brain function, increases energy and enhances mood, biohacking technologies to enhance or minimize various light frequencies
  4. PERIODIC FASTING – the benefits of intermittent fasting, water fasting and cleansing
  5. TEMPERATURE EXTREMES – cold plunges, ice baths, hot soaks and saunas to increase cardio vascular health, brain functioning, enhance immune system, decrease inflammation, accelerate physical recovery +++
  6. MOVEMENT – how essential small, short “movement snacks” of light cardio such as walking are to overall fitness, move in a way you LOVE, alternate types and intensities of movement
  7. FLOAT TANK – how valuable it is to step away from external stimulation and experience sensory deprivation with no light, sound, thought and even low gravity in high salt float environment
  8. GET OUTSIDE IN NATURE – the benefits of walking, hiking, swimming and moving in nature include increase oxygen flow, balancing negative ions, calms nervous system, decreases depression, grounding & earthing through barefoot walking and forest bathing
  9. ALTERED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS – various techniques such as breathing, meditation and plant medicines that alter consciousness, shift perspective, may illicit trauma healing and emotional clearing while expanding awareness
  10. PLAY – allow your inner child out to play, laugh and be silly, the chemical, health and emotional benefits derived from playful joyful emotions


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Kyle Kingsbury is a retired mixed martial artist who fought in the UFC for 6 years. He is currently the Director of Human Optimization at Onnit and the host of the Kyle Kingsbury podcast- a top 100 podcast in health and wellness. Kyle’s focus is on the optimization of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. 

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