I recently joined Ben Greenfield on his top-rated podcast to share insights about Shamangelic Healing and other related topics. In a fun, wide-ranging, discussion, we touched on everything from Shamangelic breathwork, grounding, earthing, vortexes, crystals, and much more.

Listen to the podcast here: https://bit.ly/2NU0dSy

The Shamangelic Healing Journey is an insightful and dynamic inward exploration that empowers you to release your fears, love with your heart, and reclaim your power. Each two-hour session is tailored to address the core issues that are most relevant to you.

  • The first hour of each session focuses on discovery. I facilitate the process of uncovering repeating patterns behind the client’s story and look for the source of imbalance.
  • During the discovery process, I go into reflection, counseling and guidance. I look at the client’s beliefs, where their energy is leaking, who the cast of characters are in their life, where they may be in victim mode and offer insights to help shift their perspective.
  • The second hour of the experience takes place in the healing room, where the real magic happens. I use a combination of Shamanic tools, energy healing techniques, guide visualizations, essential oils, vibrational sound and clairvoyant spiritual guidance to orchestrate transformational healing and activation.

Through these signature sessions and other offerings, I work with a diverse array of clients on issues ranging from spiritual awakening and finding life purpose, to clearing emotional wounds, improving relationships, and maximizing health.

When I walk into the healing room, it is a blank slate. I am a conduit for the healing journey that unfolds uniquely for each client.

During the hour-long podcast, Ben and I also explored the history and mystical energy of Sedona’s vortexes and the increasingly popular but sometimes dangerous Ayahuasca ceremonies and other plant medicines.

I offered five guidelines for anyone who’s thinking about participating in a plant medicine ceremony:

Are you called?
This isn’t about “my friend, my neighbor,  or whoever” being drawn to it. This is about you. Are YOU actually drawn to this medicine? Not curious, but genuinely drawn.
Is it the right time?
Even if you are drawn to the medicine, does the timing of the ceremony feel right?
Is it the right facilitator?
There are a lot of people creating different medicines. A real, trained ayahuascero does brew medicine, but they also hold the space to keep dark energies out and to keep psychic energies clear. And then also being able to interpret the visions that happened afterwards.
Is it the right location?
Setting is always an important consideration. Does the space feel safe and supportive?
Is it the right group of people?
You need to consider this because you’ll be exposed to all of their energy when you’re in that room journeying with them.


Ben Greenfield hosts the highly popular fitness, nutrition and wellness website BenGreenfieldFitness, a site with over a quarter million monthly visitors. Author of the New York Times bestseller Beyond Training and the Christian Gratitude Journal, Ben’s balanced approach to fitness, nutrition and health comes from his extensive experience in the fitness and wellness industry as one of the country’s leading personal trainers and wellness consultants.



Founder of Sedona’s Shamangelic Healing Center, Anahata Ananda blends the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman to guide profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening. Shamanic Healer and Soul Guide, Anahata masterfully creates a safe and loving space for inward transformational journeys that empower individuals to release their fears, open their hearts and reclaim their power. She has trained extensively with gifted Shamans, energy healers and spiritual teachers from North America, Peru, India and Asia in order to artfully integrate the fields of self-empowerment, Shamanic teachings, emotional release, energy healing, relationship counseling, spiritual studies, yoga, meditation and empowered living. In Sedona, Arizona, Anahata runs the Shamangelic Healing Center for Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Awakening where she is sought after for her:

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