Do you sometimes feel lost on the road to transformation and manifestation? Tune in to Anahata Ananda, Shamanic healer and soul guide, as an elemental Roadmap to Transformation is shared on the top-rated Aubrey Marcus podcast.

Listen above as we go  on a journey through the elements.

“I KNOW”- Ideas begin in the ether and move into our cross-hairs of awareness. Inspiration means “to bring spirit in.” We have to open to the divine cosmos to rule out the ideas we may have been pre-programmed with by others along our lives. These are goals. “I know I should start doing this,… I know I should not be doing this other thing…”  When consciousness has been made aware of information and moves it into form, it doesn’t care if it’s positive or negative.  We want to concentrate on the positive lest we manifest exactly we don’t want, simply because we’ve been so focused on it.

“I SPEAK”– Moving ideas from the ether into the air. Speaking to others about ideas, goals, or what we are dreaming to accomplish begins to unfold these things into life. It is moving into matter. Intention exists. Think of New Year’s intentions. How many times have we talked about what we want to do or the changes we want to make and then the inspiration wanes as time goes on? We have to really look at why we are saying the things we are.  Are we speaking out of fear or because we’re seeking approval? Pause to reflect on what you are saying, because it’s a vibration. Mean what you say or refrain from saying it because if you’re saying things out of fear, it will still send that particular vibration out the the universe and attract it right to you. Have the strength and courage to be honest, even if it may be uncomfortable.

“TAKE ACTION”-Air is an essential element to fire! We usually have a catalyst that propels us to make change. Inspiration or desperation- both are very powerful motivations. Sometimes it’s a pain point that causes us to take action and get fired up. If you’re focused on your positive goals and outcomes, the less life’s “out of the blue” obstacles, hinder you. They are lessons along the way for those who have a strong “bigger perspective.” Some people get hung up at this stage because we don’t expect challenges along the path. On the other side of things, people can use the fire to go, go, go and they get burned out. Working with the fire element, we are looking at how we move energy. Sometimes we have to move and sometimes we have to pause. Awareness of what we are using in our lives to propel us forward is a major advantage. Adjusting along the way, just like tending a camp fire, is a more sustainable way to manifest a structure for what you want to accomplish.

Anahata Ananda on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast

“I FEEL”– Now we have to move through the waters of fear, doubt, and relationships. If we don’t address how we are feeling about moving forward, we will sabotage ourselves or attract events to keep ourselves held back. The more we can navigate with our emotions in a calm, natural way, the easier we can ride the tides of the challenges that may come up. Emotions will surface after experiencing certain events. We were born with this wonderful  ability.  By honoring, and not ignoring, the feelings that come up will allow us to really assess what these lessons are here to teach us. If these are ignored, they will come up again and again. Some people will get stalled in this place. There are many options available to us to allow for us to sedate the emotions. Until each person has their wake up call to want to dive deep into clearing out old, trapped emotions, we have to be compassionate with each other on our individual journeys. This is also the place where we birth things. It’s the creative seat of joyfulness! The ocean of emotion allows us to dive for the treasures that exist deep below the surface so when we re-emerge we are filled with a new feeling of accomplishment!

“MANIFESTATION”– Bringing ideas into physical form, into the earthly reality, takes navigating through the previous steps. This solidly brings to fruition that which you’ve been concentrating so long on. There may be challenges here, things may crumble and seem shaky. These are opportunities to rebuild and strengthen our foundation. Anything that put together in haste and carelessness will eventually fall. The solidness of the earth, (think mountains and rock) represents what we must strive for when creating anything we want to last. If we want to sail around the world and our boat was carved out of wood with termites, we are going to find that soon enough, we will have to build something more sustainable for our goal. Taking care to move forward in as solid a way as possible will incorporate following divine inspiration, attracting supportive people, utilizing our emotional navigation system and the knowing that we are on the best path for our highest learning and accomplishment of our goals, no matter what may have to be rebuilt to be stronger.

Learning the most beneficial ways possible to navigate your relationships, your personal and professional goals, and your greater connection to the community at large will assist in supporting the thriving, abundant life you’re looking to create.

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