Sacred Ceremonies & Land

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Utilizing Sacred Ceremonies & The Land Courses:

Utilizing Vortexes & Labyrinths for Healing & Awakening – 5 hours

Sedona is the mecca for energy vortexes. Explore a number of Sedona’s most powerful sacred vortexes and learn how to work with the energies of the land to potential healing and awakening. Discover the magic and mystery of labyrinths and how they can be used for insight, clarity and a walking meditation tool.

Overview of Various Ceremonies & Rituals – 3 hours

With so many experiences to celebrate and transitions to honor, ceremonies are a healthy part of conscious living. Explore ceremonies and rituals from different cultures held for healing & release, new beginnings, rites of passage, planting seeds of intention, celebrating abundance, sacred union and more. Learn how to utilize sun and moon cycles & celestial portals to potentiate the ceremonial energy.

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