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Enjoy this insightful chat on Shamanic Wisdom, Animal Spirit Guides and Nature Wisdom Teachers with client  turned soul brother, Ryin Cornett. He is deeply curious, passionate and respectful about Shamanism and he interviews me about the impact and application of various Shamanic Wisdom Teachings. We explore:

  • How to receive insights and messages from animals, the elements, plants and nature
  • The Lakota Sioux Indian Prayer – “Aho Mitakuye Oyasin” to all my relationsA prayer of gratitude that acknowledges the connectedness of everything
  • The power and wisdom of expressing gratitude for the fundamentals of the life experience
  • How to access Animal Spirit Guides, messages, Animal Totems and insights
  • How to interpret and work with the 4 Elements of water, air, earth and fire and receive their “medicine”
  • The benefit of a Vision Quest
  • Nature wisdom teachers such as mountains, trees, flowers, rivers, lakes and how they provide insight
  • How to enjoy Nature as a place for stress-relief, reconnection, re-centering and receiving
  • The Native American 10 Commandment
  • Shamanic Journeys to receive Animal Spirit Wisdom


Guided Animal Spirit Journey audio

Native American 10 Commandments .pdf

Lakota Sioux Indian Prayer Aho Prayer video

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Ryin Cornett is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. He is currently in his Master’s for Clinical Nutrition and Functional Medicine. He is a Certified Nutritionist and through his own struggles with digestive issues has spent over a decade studying experts in the field of Nutrition, Fitness, Health Psychology, and Personal Empowerment.

He has spent years as an organic permaculture farmer in Hawaii and has also taught English to business professionals in Costa Rica. He is passionate about herbalism, foraging, finding spiritual connection through exposure to nature, Native American life-ways, and organic food.  He is also a published spoken word performer and a ping-pong enthusiast.


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