Spring into Alignment – Bring into Harmony All Aspects of Your Life
By Anahata Ananda
What is out of balance in your life right now–health, relationships, career, finances or happiness?  Well, you are the creator, visionary and steward of your life.  Transformation takes clarity, passion, commitment and action. There is no better time than now to shift your life in the direction of your dreams.  Here are 4 simple steps:
Step 1 Weed:  Weed your life of doubt, fear, laziness, pain, excuses, stagnancy and emotional density.  Take time to review the areas of life and release what is holding you back or unhealthy.  Release the past.  Release harmful habits. Release toxicity. Release worry, drama and suffering especially if it isn’t even yours in the first place.  Review what is coming to completion in your life—a relationship, living situation, job or lifestyle choice.  Take action to let these things go so your garden has a clear space for the new beginnings your Spirit longs for.
Step 2 Fertilize:  Fertilize the soil of your life with the nourishment you need most.  What are your body, mind and Spirit hungry for?  What do you need to add into your life–healthier foods, playfulness, balance, adventure, self-love, supportive community, meditation, more movement, more rest, or new experiences?   Is it time to learn a new skill or expand your mind with new information? Expand your horizons and let new energy into your life.
Step 3 Plant: Plants seeds in your life that you are divinely passionate about. Be discerning here. Listen to your intuition, gut feelings, angels and guides.  You have special gifts, knowledge or talents that are here to make a difference in a way only you can.  Follow your passions and this will be revealed to you.  If you love it—do it.
Step 4 Water:  Water the important aspects of your life diligently with gentleness, patience, compassion and awareness.  Keep listening to what your body, mind and Spirit need to stay in balance and harmony in all areas of your life.  Certain parts of your life may need time, space or patience to blossom.  Other aspects will need constant attention.  Yet others will blossom quickly with little effort.  Be adaptive and flexible like water as your feelings will always show if something needs to shift.
The environment around us keeps changing and we grow and shift as well.  Stay attentive and devoted to the maintenance of your garden through the changing seasons of life.  Over time, you will find your life flourishing with abundance enough to share your bounty with many others.  Happy Gardening!
If you feel you need support with any of these steps, please contact Anahata for personal phone counseling or in-person session through www.ShamangelicHealing.com.
Anahata Ananda is the founder of Shamangelic Retreats, Shamangelic Healing & Just Shift It which offers Sacred Soulful Retreats, Shamangelic Healing Sessions, Full Body Cleanse/Life Detox Program, Sedona Spirit Journeys, Core-Shift Life Counseling, Sacred Land Journeys, Inspirational Workshops and Sacred Ceremonies. With the wisdom and strength of a Shaman and the tenderness and compassion of an angel, Anahata masterfully orchestrates a safe and loving space to shine a light on deep-seeded emotional issues, core wounds and your authentic radiance. This process facilitates profound and lasting shifts that enable one’s radiance to shine through, positively affecting all areas of life-personal, professional, physical, emotional and spiritual. To find out more visit www.ShamangelicRetreats.com   www.ShamangelicHealing.com or www.JustShiftIt.com