Daniel Eisenman, host of the Breaking Normal Podcast, warmly welcomed me to share a beautiful hour of deep conversation outside the definitions of “Normal”!

In this Episode:

  • Defining synchronicities
  • Quantum Manifestation and surrender
  • Intention vs. action
  • Stages of manifestation
  • Being bold, non-attached and receptive
  • Delivery systems of intuition (inner visions & voice, feeling, knowing)
  • Sedation to Divine messages
  • Clogging the pineal gland
  • Defining “Normal”
  • Breaking the addition to approval
  • Types of decisions: from the head, heart or gut
  • How does the power turn on?
  • Connecting with Animal Spirit Guides
  • Choosing your lifestyle- easy vs. stubborn avenues
  • The agelessness of awakening
  • Water and life force
  • Meditation & connections with guides
  • Conscious parenting

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About Daniel Eisenman:

Daniel Eisenman travels the world as a keynote speaker and facilitator of Breaking Normal Experiences / radical retreats and playshops based on the principles of raw honesty and emotional freedom. He found that the common theme through his journey and experiences was that so many people seemed to be trapped in self-imposed prisons, keeping a lid on their genius, joy, & growth. Thus Breaking Normal was birthed as a way for people to free themselves from this self-imposed prison.

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Daniel’s book: Breaking Normal: ReWild Your Inner Child and Set the Truth Free

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