The Benefits of Periodic Fasting

Would you like to feel more energy, relieve aches and pains, enhance mental clarity, boost your immune system and LOOK & FEEL GREAT AGAIN?

Periodic cleansing and fasting revitalizes the body enabling it to heal and recharge itself. Through the cleansing process, toxins from processed, cooked foods, chemicals and environmental impurities are released initiating the body’s own healing abilities. Our bodies were originally designed to handle periods of feast and famine and are very capable of thriving while fasting and cleansing.

Where to Begin: Identify a substance or experience that you know takes more energy from you than it gives to you. This is different for each of us. Be honest when you answer this question. What substance or experience leaves you more depleted? Is it meat, coffee, sweets, alcohol, the computer, driving, TV? An excellent place to start is to fast from certain substances, foods or experiences that are less than ideal for your physical, mental or spiritual health. Here are some ideas for things to fast from for a day or two, a week, a month or indefinitely. You may add others to this list as only you know your sensitivities and addictions.

Foods to Fast From: animal flesh, dairy, candy, chips, desserts, processed foods, fried foods, inorganic produce, cooked foods (raw food fast), solid foods (blended fast or liquid fast)
Substances to Fast From: alcohol, coffee, processed sugar, soda, cigarettes, wheat, white flower, recreational drugs
Technology to fast from: cell phone/telephone, computer, blackberry, news, television, radio, movies
Environments to Fast From: city, freeway, driving, smog, office, nightclubs/bars
Other things to Fast From: speech, criticism, judgment, complaining, impatience, anger, pity, overeating, laziness (fast from inactivity), activity (take time for just being), profanity, eating before 10am, eating after 7pm

Once you identify what you would like to take a break from, then pick a specified duration for your fast. This is up to you. You may choose to fast from a specific food or substance for a week or month and see how you feel. You may choose to fast from solid food one weekend every month or one day a week and enjoy liquid or blended foods only. You may decide to fast from technology one day a week. You may choose to fast from speech and activity for a weekend and enjoy time in nature for silent reflection. Listen to your body and give it needed rest from substances and experiences that deplete you. Trust me, when you do, you will feel GREAT!!!

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