Why Cleanse & Detoxify?
Having a clean, clear, energized body provides the foundation for you to manifest your dreams and fullest potential. Periodic cleansing and fasting revitalizes the body enabling it to heal and recharge itself.  Through the cleansing process, toxins from processed, cooked foods, chemicals and environmental impurities are released initiating the body’s own healing abilities. Our bodies were originally designed to handle periods of feast and famine and are very capable of thriving while fasting and cleansing.
Begin by reviewing foods, substances or experiences that are harmful to you. An excellent place to start, is to fast FROM certain substances, foods or experiences that are less than ideal for your physical, mental or spiritual health. Some suggestions to take a periodic break from: meet, dairy, alcohol, refined sugar, inorganic foods, flour, processed foods, cooked foods, smoking, recreational drugs, technology, profanity, complaining, speech and driving.  I am sure you already know what depletes you. Pick a few items and commit to fasting from these for a day, a week, a month or indefinitely. Taking a break from harmful things, gives your body and organs a chance to rest and rejuvenate.
Next, identify healthy foods, substances and experiences that you would like to add in to your life.  Here are some ideas: fresh organic juices, salads, fresh raw fruits & vegetables, superfoods, movement, yoga, meditation, nature walks, rest, sunsets, clean water, mineral bath, steam, creative expression and fresh air. You already know what really nourishes and feeds your soul.  Be sure to include more healthy activities and foods in your daily life.  It might be time to try taste some new flavors in life.
Benefits of Intestinal Cleansing

Intestinal cleansing programs are designed to soften and remove the hardened layers of mucoid plaque that have built up in the intestines over time.  Ingesting processed foods, meat, dairy, poorly combined foods, cooked oils, fillers, unchewed foods and other foreign substances takes its toll by leaving behind undigested waste that putrefies in the intestines.  An acidic environment is created where parasites thrive and toxic levels escalate.  YES-this plaque is in your intestines.  This is a major cause for decreased energy, weight gain, increased pain, poor digestion, food cravings and emotional imbalances. Intestinal cleansing is essential to overall health reestablishing alkalinity, proper digestion and improved assimilation of nutrients.  Take time to do an annual cleanse allowing your body to detoxify, revitalize and come back into optimal balance.  Through the process you will:
·         Take Charge of Your Life
·         Lose Weight in a Healthy Way 
·         Eliminate Unhealthy Toxins
·         Restore Vitality, Energy & Stamina
Regain Personal Confidence
·         Boost Your Immune System
·         Enhance Digestion & Absorption
·         Clear Emotional Density
Reduce Chronic Pain
·         Improve Mental Clarity
·         Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle
·         Reconnect to Your Radiance
·         Look & Feel GREAT again!
Need Support?
If you are feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the prospect of cleansing on your own, there is support. There are many cleansing products and cleansing retreat centers with a range of services to meet all budgets.
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