I am so grateful to once again to be a featured guest on WBTVN.TV’s “Choices: Finding Your Joy” with host Paula Vail. And YES, I’m sure we could all use a little more JOY welcoming this New Year!

Join us for Active Goal Setting to Manifest Your Biggest Dreams into Reality, This Year and Beyond!

ROAD MAP to Envision 2018 in all her Glory!
Grateful for this Year End and for the Present me it has Awakened!

1.Reflection – Give yourself dedicated time and space to reflect on the past victories, challenges and lessons. With greater awareness we are able to learn from past experiences and improve our game plan for the year ahead. Our failures are the greatest teachers as they help to clarify what we do and do not want to continue

“May this Reflection process Illuminate Truths, Opening Your Heart and Mind.”

2. Dream Big – Envision yourself thriving in the future and be sure to squash all limiting thinking. By limiting our thinking we also limit our possibilities. Feel the YES happening! Get emotions involved, let your mind imagine it already Here and Now. See it happening, explore how it feels, what are the sounds surrounding it, taste it, smell it, get excited about it! When the emotions are involved the subconscious mind brings it to you much quicker.

“What Are My Big Big Dreams?”

3. Intentions – What do you dream for your Health, Business or Career, Community, Family, Finances and Romance? Get Clear, Concise, Keep Positive and pronounce it in the present tense. Create an intention statement and vision board with your intentions to back your daily declaration to the world and manifest into your reality. Repeat this intentional prayers daily. The Universe hears Prayers of Passion, Exuberance, Repetition, and Enthusiasm.

Ex: “ I Embody Vibrant Health and Abundance Flows
through me with Ease and Grace.”

4. Motivation – Who benefits? Outline the personal benefits you will experience from achieving this goal. Who else or what else will be positively effected by this effort? Identify who and what is on the receiving end of the gift of your goals. This drives the motivation so that these gifts may be received, as someone and something is waiting for these benefits.

“Why Am I Really Doing This?”

5. Identify Challenges – What may potentially get in your way? How can you navigate and be prepared to overcome any obstacles? This is an important tool most successful people use, so that one can truly plan ahead for success! What do your obstacles look like? Fear-based, laziness, money, lack of experience…. strategize how you can overcome these to prevent getting off track.

“Be Ahead Of The Game.”

6. Support Council – Share your goals with friends or family who have either had similar experiences or alignment with the goals you wish to manifest. This may also be in the form of professionals, such as coaches, mentors, financial strategist, etc… Moral support is priceless and often builds the level of success we wish to achieve. They will be there to hold you accountable to your goals, remind you of your motivations when you’ve forgotten, and inspire you! You should plan on meeting by phone, video chat or in person frequently. Also be sure to seek your Spiritual Council for guidance, whether it’s Angels, Guides, Deities or God, they are here ready and waiting to support you becoming the Best You!

“Rally Your Support Team. You’re Not Alone”

7. Reinforcement – Share your intentions with passionate enthusiasm! Set a reminder on your phone to energize your visions and dreams. Engage daily visualizations. Make a vision board or use the vision board App to creative a visual image of your dreams. Assemble an altar and use symbols that represent these goals clearly. Surround yourself with reminders, images, objects and people that remind you to focus positively on what which you want more of your life.

“Live in the Present with all of the feelings that would arise
just as if you have Already Attained Your Goals”

~ Happy New Year ~

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