3 Choices That Will Change Your Life
By Anahata of Shamangelic Healing
As Awakening Leaders in these ever-changing turbulent times, it is important to check-in periodically and evaluate your situation.  When was the last time you took a look at the various aspects of your life to see how your choices are creating your reality?  Is everything going smoothly or are there any minor refinements or major adjustments that are calling for your attention in your personal life, physical health, finances, profession, partnerships, and family or community relationships? Let’s take a look.
Where are you? In each area of your life, are you feeling “Enthusiastically In”, “Indecisively In Between” or “Definitely Out of It”? 3 very essential components are creating your answer, your feelings and your situation. These 3 are: Your Thoughts, Your Words and Your Actions. By monitoring and shifting the choices you are making with regards to what you think, how you speak and when and how you act, you will dramatically alter your reality.
If you are feeling “Enthusiastically In” then it is likely that most everything in your life is synergizing, you feel great and are grateful.  This means that your thoughts are positive and your choices are organizing your environment and relationships to support you.  You are clear with your intentions and inner dialogue, honest and in integrity with your speech and take action when it is time and know when to step back. To maintain this state, it will take some discipline to stay positive and shift away from contracting thoughts or distractions.  You will have to bravely and compassionately speak your truth even if it is not well received.  Sometimes you will fearlessly have to step or leap into action or humbly step back and reassess the situation as to avoid a foolish reaction.  Are all aspects of your life feeling this great or is there some area that needs more attention?  Feeling “IN” is a choice.  The benefit of all these small choices linked together is that a blissful, harmonized, successful life surrounds you and your positive energy.
If you are feeling “Indecisively In Between” then your indecision and inaction is creating confusion in some or all areas of your life.  Did you know that indecision is a clear decision to be out, that is until you clearly decide to be all the way in or all the way out?  Your environment and those around you are responding to your lack of commitment and clarity.  Until you sit still and listen to what is most aligned for you, make a decision, speak it and act on it, you will continue to walk in a hazy fog.  From this daze of indecision, thoughts, speech and actions tend to flip back and forth – “yes, no, in, out, I don’t know, maybe…” Just STOP.  Take some time to yourself to listen honestly to what feels right and reflect honestly about what doesn’t.  Trust yourself, direct your thoughts positively, speak your decision clearly and take the next steps.  At first, people may be confused or even uncomfortable by your new approach, however VERY soon they will appreciate your clarity and the universe will conspire to support your new clear choices.  Consciously decide to make clear decisions in ALL areas of your life.

If you are “Definitely Out of It” in some or many aspects of your life then it is time to retreat and recharge.  If you are feeling that low, then it is time to hibernate, heal and recharge your battery.  Inhale, exhale and surrender to this space.  Thoughts, speech and actions from this place can be caught in the endless cycle of blame and helplessness.  Yes, “things” may have happened. Yes, you may feel wronged.  Yes, you may feel way out of balance, tired, resentful, hopeless or angry.  OK.  However, the way you think about your situation, the way you speak about it and the actions you take may be what is making it worse and keeping the same contracted environment of negativity in place all around you.  Compassionately reflect on the choices you made to get yourself in this position.  What thoughts, stories and actions do you keep repeating? Learn what you need to in order to avoid recreating this situation again. It may be time to let something go, apologize, forgive, respond differently or mature. Take the time to nourish and love yourself during this process.  Take time to listen to your true heart’s desire.  Create positive intentions to reclaim your full radiant self.  Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it and boldly take new steps to turn yourself around.  You can do it. One thought, one word, one action at a time.


Empowering Choice #1: Choose your thoughts with clear positive intention
Empowering Choice #2: Choose your speech consciously with compassion for yourself and others
Empowering Choice #3: Choose your actions to align with your truth and to improve the situation
Thought for the Day: “Yes I can!”
Words for the Day: “I am grateful for all that I have!”
Action for the day: “I will make this day brighter for myself as well as someone else!”

Anahata is the founder of Shamangelic Healing which offers Shamangelic Healing Sessions, Core-Shift Life Counseling, Inspirational Workshops and Sacred Ceremonies. With the wisdom and strength of a Shaman and the tenderness and compassion of an angel, Anahata masterfully orchestrates a safe and loving space to shine a light on deep-seeded emotional issues, core wounds and limiting beliefs. This process facilitates profound and lasting shifts that enable one’s radiance to shine through, positively affecting all areas of life-personal, professional, physical, emotional and spiritual. To find out more visit http://www.ShamangelicHealing.com