Boundaries ~ Keeping Your Energy Clear

By Anahata Ananda

Although we are all connected,

We each have our own Divine sovereign will

and personal Soul Journey.

Ever felt “dense” or “heavy” after interacting with someone? Ever felt like some people suck your energy?  Instead of hiding, retreating or shutting down there are ways to maintain clear energy in the presence of someone else’s heaviness.

Each person is entitled to their own perspective and their own feelings. Energy starts to leak from you the moment you judge someone else’s opinion, feelings or actions. You don’t have to respect the choices of others to respect their right to choose.  This does not mean that you agree with and condone their behavior. The choices of another may not make sense to you-addictions, abuse, neglect, blame, repeat patterns etc. however these choices are creating the environment through which the soul learns, grows and refines over time.  You can however maintain a neutral stance that doesn’t allow it to shift you off center.  Remember that YOU are the steward of your own peace & energy.

There is a need for healthy sovereignty between you and others. Each soul is the only one empowered to transmute their own density, if, when and how they choose, in this lifetime or another. Give others the space to struggle, fall, be lost or emotional about the challenges of life’s journey.  You are not here to solve all the world’s problems.  You cannot transmute what doesn’t belong to you. No-one can transmute what belongs to you.  However, you can embody compassion and hold a calm loving space for the suffering another is experiencing.  You also have certain gifts & passions that, when allowed to birth and blossom will automatically shift certain densities in a way ONLY you can.


  • Holding what is not your own-problems, beliefs, stress, pain, judgments, drama, fear, worry, grudges that belongs to another
  • Enabling behaviors such as allowing others to lean on you inappropriately for finances, direction, safety, validation, love, identity etc.
  • Codependent behaviors such as leaning on others inappropriately for validation, guidance, identity, support, love, balance, safety, inspiration, joy, happiness, light, passion, truth etc.

When viewing the pain and suffering of another through judgmental eyes, this will create discomfort within you. Trying to fix it and control it will most certainly drain your energy. Don’t let yourself get drawn into the drama, emotion or frustration of another.  Cultivate a higher neutral perspective that enables you to view the bigger picture over time to see, feel and understand the necessity of the experience. This is where the conscious person is able to convey compassion for the pain and suffering that a person is experiencing without taking on the density of it.  Keep the heart open for kindness, patience, understanding and encouragement but the energy clear.  Listen to Spirit guidance as to the most appropriate action to take in a situation.  Sometimes the most appropriate response will be to listen, other times it may be to step back, other times to lend a helping hand. Release all attachments, agendas, projections, pity, judgments and co-dependencies and shift them into compassion, understanding & allowing.

Take care and honor yourself.  When the need to nurture or rest is ignored, it is common to become hyper sensitive to what is happening around. This is when people are most susceptible to the energy imbalances of others.  When you are in a centered, rested, clear space it is easier to hold your energy centered in the presence of chaos. When you give from an empty, imbalanced, tired or resentful space, you often make matters worse than better. Trying to control/direct the environment to support you is exhausting.  Giving at the expense of self is not sustainable, authentic or loving.

Stay focused on managing and balancing your own life, health and consciousness so you are in a more centered and balanced state from which to give, love, encourage and inspire others. Airline safety directs us to “Put YOUR oxygen mask on first, and then assist others.”  Direct your focus on your life, your joy, your emotions, your feelings, your imbalances, your peace and your passions.  Establish structures and habits that support you to stay centered and in your joy in life.

Your Journey

Their Journey

Your Choices

Their Choices

Your Karma

Their Karma

Your Pain

Their Pain

Your Chaos

Their Chaos

Your Density

Their Density

Your Joy

Their Joy

Your Beliefs

Their Beliefs

Your Fears

Their Fears

Your Truth

Their Truth

Your Past

Their Past

Your Habits/Lifestyle

Their Habits/Lifestyle

Your Passions

Their Passions

Your Destiny

Their Destiny

Your Light Body

Their Light Body

 Keep your attention on your own journey and your own choices.  Give others the space to make their own choices on their journey.  Keep the divine sacred heart open and flowing with compassion for the humanness and suffering that we all experience at different times on this sacred path called life.

“You are safe with me.  I will stand compassionately and fearlessly by your side as we journey together into the depths of the shadows and the expansiveness of your fullest potential.  You are free to be yourself, express your feelings, recount memories and allow the healing, awakening and clarity to unfold. As your trusted guide, I will usher you through a transformational journey that will empower you in all aspects of your life.  The ancestors passed this gift on to me and it is my divine pleasure and life purpose to share it with you.” ~ Anahata


About Anahata & Shamangelic Healing in Sedona

Blending the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman, Anahata will guide you through a journey of profound healing and awakening. Utilizing her extensive Shamanic training, energy healing tools, Spiritual teachings and clairvoyant abilities, Anahata masterfully creates a safe and loving space for inward transformational journeys that empower individuals to release their fears, open their hearts and reclaim their power. During her healing sessions, Anahata facilitates profound and lasting shifts that enable one’s true radiance to shine in all areas of life.

She has trained extensively with gifted Shamans, energy healers and spiritual teachers from North America, Peru, India and Asia in order to artfully integrate the fields of self-empowerment, Shamanic teachings, emotional release, energy healing, spiritual studies, yoga, meditation and visualization techniques.

Her extensive client base spans the globe and includes high level business executives, professional athletes, celebrities, parents, couples and individuals of all ages, who seek to improve their relationships, expand their consciousness, experience vibrant health and enjoy professional success.  Anahata has led over 100 rejuvenation retreats to sacred destinations around the world including Peru, Bali, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Sedona, Mt. Shasta and Canada.

In Sedona, Arizona, Anahata runs the Shamangelic Healing Center for Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Awakening where she is sought after for her private sessions, land journeys, marriage & family counseling, inspirational workshops, sacred ceremonies, courses in Shamanic studies & Energy Healing and guidance with personalized retreats.