As the old saying goes “Out with the old and in with the new.”  In order to make space in your life for something better, the first step is letting go. You may want to let go of extra pounds, bad habits, an unhealthy relationship, life stress, a job you don’t enjoy, addictions or limited thinking. I know that saying goodbye to something familiar, that has become habit or comfortable is often a bit scary. I know that reaching for something new and stepping into the unknown is often daunting.  Fear is why many don’t make the changes in their life that will actually bring them their greatest joy. But it’s worth it. Humans have a physical need to change and keep growing, evolving and expanding.  Embrace that discomfort. Face it head on in order to redirect energy from those areas in life not working and create a life you love and a version of yourself you enjoy embodying. Here are some simple tips to help you with the process.

IDENTIFY WHAT ISN’T WORKING: You will need to be honest with yourself about what choices, relationships or situations are causing you stress, unhappiness or adversely affecting your mental, physical or emotional health. It is easy to avoid the signs here but let’s get real and get honest with ourselves. Are you in the right relationship? Career/job? City/town? Living space? Is there a substance you have developed an unhealthy relationship with? Has your health declined recently? Are you stuck in a rut? Have stayed too long where you are? Review each area of life in detail to identify the specific problem spots. You may just need to make a little adjustment or a major shift. But first take an honest inventory so you know where to start.

HONOR THE GRIEVING PROCESS: Saying “Goodbye” to something or someone that has been in your life for a while will often bring up emotions. Honor whatever feelings arise. Sometimes that is grief, anger, resentment, frustration or even relief when you are letting go of something or someone that hasn’t worked out the way you thought it would. This is a natural and necessary process so that you avoid bringing lingering emotional density into the next chapter of life.

IDENTIFY WHAT WOULD BE A BETTER FIT: What do you want? Be specific here. What kind of life, health, job, relationships and living environment do you want to have instead? Dream big. You will only attract what you believe you deserve. Envision it. Feel it. See it. This begins to plant the seed in your subconscious mind that a better alternative is possible. I have a lot of material on the subject on what I call “Quantum Manifestation” so check out my other blogs and courses on this topic.

MAKE AN ACTION PLAN: What are the next steps? Be clear with detailed timelines and deadlines so you continue to move forward in creating the life you want. Do you need support? If you are going into new territory, it may be helpful to enlist a coach, expert and strategist to help you navigate the shift. Will you need new skills, tools, training or a different environment?  Do you need to do some research to identify new opportunities?  A clear plan begins the envisioning process and creates the road map for a new life and a new you.

JUST DO IT!: Enough said here.

I know great potential lives within you. Only YOU can make space for a new YOU! If you need guidance in making this shift, I am right here passionately devoted to support the emergence of the best version of you.

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