Oh WOW that guy must BREATHE…

Join Anahata Ananda a Shamanic Breathwork pioneer, Aubrey Marcus of Onnit Health and Noah Villalobos of Black Swan Yoga for a insightful podcast interview on the Power of Breath. Discover the benefits of Equalizing, Deepening and becoming more Aware of your Breath.

Is your blood ph in an acidic state, are you experiencing lack of oxygen in the body – hypo-oxygenation, or have a hormonal imbalance due to mineral deficiency?

Most likely there is a disconnection between your body and your breathing. When the brain and the diaphragm connect, the body experiences heightened states of awareness and health.

“You change your body when you change your breath.” ~ Aubrey Marcus 

Breath Techniques 

Do you have Prana for Breathfast?

  • Prana means energy or lifeforce in sanskrit,  by dedicating your first breaths of the morning to be soulful, expansive, cleansing and present, your breath will unlock a natural flow of prana that delivers cleansing energy to the body. 
  • Breathwork practices that were reviewed in further detail in the podcast include: Nadi Shodana a.k.a alternate nostril breathing, Ujayi Breath a.k.a ocean breath, Kapalabhati Breath a.k.a skull shining breath, Bhastrika Breath a.k.a. bellows breath.

“Different Pathways, Different Experiences. – The shamanic breath is meant to take you into the place where altered states of consciousness are available, and also into your shadow – pain, insecurities, fears and anger that you don’t want to look at.” ~ Anahata Ananda

Benefits of Breathwork

  • Oxygenates the Cells of our Brain and Body
  • Increases Lung Capacity
  • Alkalizes Inflammation in the Body
  • Enhances Mental Clarity
  • Balances Left and Right Hemispheres, as well as  Masculine and Feminine Energies
  • Supports Behavioral Health
  • Calms Mind and Slows Heart Rate
  • Yokes, Clears and Heals the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit Connection

It is highly recommended to be guided by a well-trained breathwork facilitator, Shaman, etc…

Shamanic breathwork is an expansive journey that creates space for all that needs to arise, the good the bad, even the ugly,  through all for optimization our life purpose. The Centre for Shamangelic Healing hosts shamanic breathwork training and breathwork ceremonies. For upcoming shamangelic Breathwork events, group Retreats and private sessions visit Shamangelic Healing online.

Happy Breathing! 

Aubrey Marcus is the Founder of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast and Onnit nutritional supplement brand, which is based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. He has since grown Onnit into an industry leader, providing innovative peak performance supplements, foods, fitness equipment, and apparel. He regularly makes appearances on a variety of media outlets, including the Joe Rogan experience, The Jason Elis Show, Dr.Oz, The Doctors, and Entrepreneur.


Noah Villalobos is a teacher of yoga and breathwork facilitator in Austin, Texas at  Black Swan Yoga.




Anahata Ananda

Founder of Sedona’s Shamangelic Healing Center, Anahata Ananda blends the compassion and tenderness of an Angel and the wisdom and strength of a Shaman to guide profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening. Shamanic Healer and Soul Guide, Anahata masterfully creates a safe and loving space for inward transformational journeys that empower individuals to release their fears, open their hearts and reclaim their power.

She has trained extensively with gifted Shamans, energy healers and spiritual teachers from North America, Peru, India and Asia in order to artfully integrate the fields of self-empowerment, Shamanic
teachings, emotional release, energy healing, relationship counseling, spiritual studies, yoga, meditation and empowered living. In Sedona, Arizona, Anahata runs the Shamangelic Healing Center for Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Awakening where she is sought after for her:
– Shamangelic Healing Sessions
– Tailored Private Retreats
– Empowerment & Awakening Courses (offered in Sedona & online)
– Training Courses for Healers & Practitioners
– Group Retreats
– Sedona Sacred Land Journeys

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